Transposition: Over Many Miles (2014-2016)

Miami Design District
Miami, FL

A monumental work of art, architecture, design, and community involvement, Crown’s TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles was installed in a vacant lot in Miami’s Design District for 18 months. 

Constructed out of century-old reclaimed wood, tempered glass, synthetic turf, metal, and local shells, the modular installation evolved from an aerial drawing of mountains to a 35,000-square-foot work of interactive art. At its center rose a 25-foot sculpture from Crown’s PERforation series–works in which she recreated the shape left in the margin of a piece of paper that’s been removed from a spiral-bound sketchbook. Here, the piece was super-sized to allow visitors to enter, climb, and sit on the structure, and to engage in a dialog with it.

Through dimensional exploration, Crown created a space in which others could also create.  “The magic has been that this has provided a platform for other artists,” she told a HuffPost writer.  “Art provides these moments of pause, lets you recalibrate your thoughts and have a discussion with each other.”

The participatory installation was further enhanced by music and dance performances by The New World Symphony and the Alma Dance Theater, as well as family-friendly activities in celebration of Earth Day, the summer solstice, and the arrival of autumn. 

This project offered Crown the opportunity to collaborate with artists, architects, and social activists, including Theaster Gates Studio, Studio Gang Architects, and the Design Apprenticeship Program at the Arts Incubator at the University of Chicago, whose students were trained in carpentry as part of the fabrication process.