In This House (2018)
The Architecture of Memory (2018)
Solo Together (2017)

One of Crown’s most recognizable series, SOLO TOGETHER makes a powerful statement about the the human need for togetherness, as well as the monumental threat to our environment posed by single-use plastics.

To make her point, Crown crushed and crumpled hundreds of the popular brand of red plastic party cups. She then made plaster casts of each one, and proceeded to meticulously paint them by hand. Each cup is unique; its name, personality, and emotionality are reflected in its shape. Failing Out is flat, Insta-worthy sensually twists, Eileen tilts to one side. They are surprisingly weighty.

SOLO TOGETHER is a contemplation of the social and environmental significance of the ubiquitous icon of party culture. It also underscores our dependence on one another, and the ways in which each gesture, mark, and word can profoundly affect our existence and our world. Ultimately, we exist in dual modes–solo and together.

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