#SOLOTOGETHER (MESSAGES FOR THE CITY) (2020), video installation at 47th St. & Seventh Ave., New York, NY. Photo: Maria Baranova

#Solotogether (Messages For The City) (2020), Times Square​

New York, NY

In recognition and celebration of the vital role of frontline and essential workers during the COVID 19 pandemic, a public art campaign — the joint effort by Times Square Arts, Poster House, Print Magazine, and For Freedoms — showcased artist-made images and videos on an enormous digital screen in New York City’s Times Square. Every hour at the 15, 30, and 45 minute marks, PSAs and messages of love, gratitude, and solidarity played in rotation. 

Crown’s  short video, #solotogether (MESSAGES FOR THE CITY)  (2020), was among the pieces prominently displayed at the iconic “Crossroads of the World.” It depicts our gorgeous blue planet spinning through a space populated with the words “Solo” and “Together.”

 “During these turbulent times, we are reminded of the ways in which our solitudes can be unified,” explained Crown. “I am humbled by the acts of courage, integrity, and generosity exhibited daily by healthcare and essential workers. They are showing us the way, through their actions, that a better day will come.” 

During the global pandemic, she continued, “We need to be as unflinching and clear in our understanding of how every action ripples through our interwoven ecosystem. Our front line workers remind us in the most beautiful way that we are never alone. Solo and together we can find our way to healing.”

Paula Crown
#solotogether (Messages For The City), 2020
Video, 15 Seconds

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