Solo Together (2017)

10 Hanover
London, UK

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A manufacturer of disposable consumer products, the Solo company’s most famous product–the bright red single-use plastic drinking cup — was the inspiration for SOLO TOGETHER, Crown’s most famous body of work. The installation was the centerpiece of an exhibition of the same name at 10 Hanover, where Crown carefully placed 150 plaster casts of crushed cups on the gallery floor in an effort to make them appear to be the crumpled and discarded remains of a raucous party the night before. 

In addition to making a playful but sobering statement on our throw-away culture of convenience, the cups are physical remains of a transient event, and they beg questions to an absent crowd: “Who was here and where are they now?” “What was the occasion?” “What did I miss?” and “Who is going to clean this up?”

 Also featured in the exhibit was a rendition of Crown’s site-specific installation FREEZING RAIN, and mixed-media prints from her KINEMATIC series. 

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