Freezing Rain (dichroic) (2018)

Aurora Biennial
Dallas, TX

The dualities and relationships between nature and technology form the conceptual underpinnings of Crown’s work. First presented at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City, Crown’s FREEZING RAIN (2016) was reimagined for the AURORA Biennial, co-curated by Justine Ludwig and Danielle Avram through the thematic lens of Future Worlds–an exploration of natural phenomena and the constructions of human imagination and industry. 

Crown’s original site-specific sculpture summoned the experience of witnessing a downpour. Through a process of hand-drawing and digital mapping, ephemeral raindrops were transformed into tangible 3D objects– highly reflective strips of paper-thin stainless steel that dangled from the ceiling. 

In its Dallas incarnation, entitled FREEZING RAIN (dichroic), hand-drawn, dichroic Plexiglas raindrops representing a frozen moment were suspended in time and space. In both versions, viewers were invited to pause; to contemplate the physical interaction of light, gravity, and space; and to ponder their own vantage point and surroundings more slowly, more closely.  

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