HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE (2018), installed at Crenshaw Blvd. & W. 59th Pl., Los Angeles, CA

For Freedoms 50 State Initiative: Billboards (2018)

Los Angeles, CA
Cheyenne, WY
Chicago, IL

Commissioned by For Freedoms as part of its 50 State Initiative — a massive public art campaign designed to spark political discourse and inspire public participation in the days leading up to the 2018 midterm elections — Crown created HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE, a billboard installed in Los Angeles that prompted viewers to ask themselves why certain people are prone to violent behaviors. 

As a participant in the largest public art project in U.S. history, Crown also contributed THOUGHTS & PRAYERS, which was erected in Chicago and Cheyenne, WY. This striking piece focuses on gun violence. It depicts two firearms–black on a black background, white on a white background–pointed at each other, directly beneath the cliched sentiments: “Thoughts” and “Prayers.” 

These two powerful pieces are both a confrontation and a call to action. Crown asks viewers to choose between indifference and involvement, thereby urging them to help turn “thoughts and prayers” into public policy.

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