WHAT ARE YOU FOR? (2020), installed at the corner of Washington and Boylston streets, Boston, MA. PHOTO: Alyssa Meadows

For Freedoms 2020 Awakening Billboard: What Are You For? (2020)

Boston, MA

As one of 77 noteworthy artists who participated in the For Freedoms 2020 Awakening campaign, Crown was asked to create billboards designed to promote civic engagement, public discourse, and involvement in democracy during the presidential election year. One of her provocative contributions, WHAT ARE YOU FOR? (2020), was prominently displayed at a busy intersection in Boston, MA. 

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Crown used the platform to challenge viewers to contemplate their own belief systems and ideals; to step outside of the public echo chamber of negativity and refocus on the positive; to raise their voices to effect change.

This call to action was an outgrowth of Crown’s #iamFOR (2018) series, a solo exhibition of large-scale sculptures and installations that explored themes of racism, blackballing, and political factionalism. The central work had visitors write something  they support — world peace, democracy, choice, etc. — on a black ball, which they then dropped  through a skylight on the roof into a glass-enclosed atrium inside the gallery. Several of those visitor-created messages are pictured in the background of Crown’s WHAT ARE YOU FOR? billboard–a continuation of the participatory spirit of the original work and a reminder that what we value does not change with each news cycle or political administration.

For Freedoms is a nonpartisan artist collective that uses art and creativity to spark public engagement and deepen discussions on civic issues and core values. 

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