Emanare (2021)

Rockefeller Center,
New York, NY

Millions of pedestrians had the opportunity to ponder the question  “What positive message do you want to send out into the world today?” when EMANARE (2021), Crown’s interactive multimedia project, traveled to New York City, where it was installed in large street-level windows at one of the city’s most visited landmarks, Rockefeller Center. 

Based on Crown’s belief that we can electrify the world by transmitting  positivity–and inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels and the Latin word emanare (meaning to flow out, send forth, emit)–she created this  public art experience. Viewers were asked to scan the EMANARE QR code to submit their own uplifting messages of hope and positivity. Once approved by moderators, their affirmations scrolled on large LED screens. New messages were constantly added, turning viewers into collaborators as the phrases overlapped, merged, and drifted skyward on a  background of colors borrowed from Crown’s painting palette. 

“In these disorienting times, how can we utilize positive and contemplative intentions to affect energy in the world?” asked Crown.  “By engaging with affirmative ideas, I invite the viewer to add their positive emanation as an act of unity via collective activation.”

EMANARE (2021), Multimedia installation at Rockefeller Center’s South Plaza (W. 48th St. between Fifth and Sixth Aves.) in New York City 

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