CHALICE (2018), painted fiberglass, 84 in. x 70 1/8 in. x 69 5/8 in.

Chalice (2018)

Spring / Break Art Show 2021
New York, NY

The Architecture of Memory

Displayed at the 10th annual SPRING / BREAK Art Show in New York City, the 7-foot sculpture CHALICE (2018) continues Crown’s exploration of the impact of human mark-making, and also makes a powerful statement on our culture of convenience, consumerism, single-use plastics, and impending climate disaster. 

In response to the art show’s 2021 theme, HEARSAY / HERESY, Crown offered her super-sized replica of a disposable plastic cup from her  SOLO TOGETHER series, twisted into the shape of a religious goblet, and rendered in gold. Given the context, the grand scale and form of the gleaming vessel were intended to provoke questions of value, worth, myth, and ceremony. Its proportions summoned thoughts of mythical holy objects, such as the Holy Chalice of Christianity, and played on themes of reverence and the human impulse to seek higher meaning. Gazing up at this monolith, viewers may ask,  “What do I believe in?” 

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