Aspen Maps


Healing Nature: The Aspen Maps (2022)  

The Nature Of Women (2021)

Using maps of the elaborate system of ski runs in Aspen/Snowmass as her jumping off point, Crown created the ASPEN MAPS series of wildly colorful large-scale paintings that toy with perspective and spacial orientation, and serve as a reminder to always ask questions and wonder what might be missing from the big picture.

From an angled, overhead vantage point, the trail maps are abstracted, layered, and rotated as Crown employs digital and analog drawing and painting techniques to reveal new forms and patterns. Paintings begin as printed color forms on glassy smooth gesso-primed linen, each with a distinct and nuanced color palette. Over the next weeks and months, the surfaces accrue multiple layers of delicate, carefully calibrated brushwork. Crown’s painting process emulates the numinous surface of fresh snow. Sinuous marks evoke the sense of schussing down a mountain. 

The ASPEN MAPS compositions are puzzle-like, definitively flat yet invitingly deep. They  immerse the viewer in fantastical landscapes that encompass both physical and psychological spaces.