Freezing Rain (2021)
The Architecture of Memory (2018)

Named after the Greek word for “wind,” the ANEMOS  series of stainless steel chain mail and resin wall sculptures explores invisible forces, moments in time, the limits of human mark and gesture, and the challenge of capturing the wind. 

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s depictions of swirling, roiling, windswept water, Crown began by freezing the heavy mesh, then using it as a drawing tool, like a pencil. She manipulated the pliable metal on a flat surface to create 2D images that perfectly captured the connection between thought and gesture, and allowed her for spontaneous changes in composition.  In collaboration with metal fabricators at Prototype New York, resin was then applied to the sculptures to set and hold their shapes. The resulting pieces are rigid yet fluid, strong yet gentle, and as powerful to behold as a hurricane-force gust.

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